Wing-van semitrailer

  • Wing Van Semitrailer

    Wing Van Semitrailer

    Wing van semitrailer , nowadays is more and more common seen on the highway and the transportation station . It is known as an improvement of logistics for high value cargo .

    Through hydraulic motor the body of the trailer can be open like wings on both sides of the truck.

    Because of its fast loading and unloading speed, high efficiency, and side loading and unloading, it has become a very popular transportation tool for modern logistics enterprises,also it has become a better choice for large-scale logistics company transportation.

    In recent years, a large number of lightweight new materials have been applied to the Wing van semitrailers, which has reduced the weight of the trailer , coupled with the beautiful design, and safe and reliable cargo transportation. It is expected to be in the high-end logistics transportation market. 

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