Large Cargo transport semitrailer

  • Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

    Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

    • Wind turbine electricity generator equipment mainly includes blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, each of which is an out-of-gauge item for ordinary road transportation and needs to be transported by professional vehicles.
    • Each Wind-Turbine-Blade-Trailer is designed to transport the blade specifically according to the local road situation , laws and regulation , and according to the blade specs . Our engineers are well trained and professional to issue the design for the trailer . Please contact us for more information . We will guarantee your trailer quality to make good transportation , as well as the training and after-sales service .  
  • Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Blade high way transportation

    Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Blade high way transportation

    This product is specially designed and manufactured for highway transportation of the wind turbine blades . The main platform can be extendable , which means the main beam can be pulled out and drawn back from the front platform sleeve . The maximum length of the extend part can reach to 65 meters , meaning the total length of the whole vehicle can reach to 80 meters around , so as to load with 120 meters blade at maximum . 

  • Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer

    Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer

    Double Goose-neck Vessel Trailer belongs to the series of large cargo transportation vessel trailers . It is widely used for heavy duty cargos which overweight 150 Tons ~800 Tons .  The most common cargo that transported by such vehicle is the transformer , or the big tank.

    We can give professional design for the port operation as well as the other sites operation , such as passing through hight limit places like going under the bridge . 

  • Large Cargo Transport Semitrailer

    Large Cargo Transport Semitrailer

    Bulk transportation refers to the transportation and distribution of large equipment.

    Large cargo is the items that has advantages in weight and volume. During the transportation, large cargo have strict requirements on the transportation tools ,especially on the trailer .

    They cannot be moved by ordinary transport vehicles. Special transport tools are required to complete the transport.

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